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Let’s talk strategy

I’m obsessed with ensuring that people only spend time creating content because they want to. The reason behind having to do it is likely that you own a business and feel you “have to” – but do you truly know your reasons why and, importantly, do you know what you are trying to achieve? This… Continue reading Let’s talk strategy

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Failing miserably…but doing something about it

I have to admit that I am failing miserably with my blogging over this last month! I talk a lot to my clients about having 'back up' blog post; about planning your time; scheduling writing time and about consistently publishing blogs with regularity. And what have I done? ...well, none of what I preach. I… Continue reading Failing miserably…but doing something about it

Tips and advice, Writing for Business

Marketing Tactics for 2019

A list of marketing tactics is essential for those times when you are feeling at a loss. As part of your business plan, you should list lots of ideas, tactics and strategies that you can use, that you can call upon, when you are planning a promotion, when sales are low or when you are… Continue reading Marketing Tactics for 2019