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Get yourself on Google

This is a bit of a short and sweet blog post....well...rant...about making sure you can be found on Google. The other day, I tried to find a shop that I know is in existence in an exact location, so I found the place on Google Maps expecting to find the lovely red marker that would… Continue reading Get yourself on Google

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#Hashtags – where are you hanging out?

Who uses hashtags on a regular basis? I am going to focus on their use very generally across social media and give you a brief overview of how they work and how they can work harder for your business and social media copy. Don't forget about tags for your blog too...but I'll discuss that another… Continue reading #Hashtags – where are you hanging out?

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Top tips for supporting small businesses on social media

I am really passionate about supporting local independent businesses. With the collapse of Thomas Cook here in the UK this week, and two businesses announcing they are to close in my own small village, it just reminds me how much local and high street shops need our support. It is up to businesses to adapt… Continue reading Top tips for supporting small businesses on social media

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Summer Sort Out of your LinkedIn Profile

I have been dealing a lot with LinkedIn recently, helping people with their introductions/summary paragraphs and also creating a new company page for The Business Skills Consultancy. I also need to update my own LinkedIn page. It seems like LinkedIn is really evolving this summer. They are finally rolling out 'LinkedIn Live' for everyone and,… Continue reading Summer Sort Out of your LinkedIn Profile

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What to say in a Live video?

Just about anything! It is not about what you say so much as deciding why you are going to say it. What is your purpose? Why are you going to start doing 'Live videos? Which sales target, marketing objective or goal are they going to help you reach? My first tip is not to worry… Continue reading What to say in a Live video?

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Enjoying the content treadmill – social media ideas

Whether you are a blogger, sole trader or SME, it can seem that all you are told to do these days is to create content. Content is king. Regular content is essential. Content…content…content… It is exhausting and can be mind-numbing. You are told to engage your followers, your readers, your clients…but how? How can you… Continue reading Enjoying the content treadmill – social media ideas

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Choose a social media strategy – 4-1-1

I find social media a mine field and if you need help with this area specifically then I highly recommend getting help from a social media specialist or at least requesting an audit of your different profiles. From my experience Navigate Social Media, Sociable Suzy,  and Debbie Watson Social Media Marketing are all excellent and worth getting in… Continue reading Choose a social media strategy – 4-1-1