Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Kate Llewellyn. I am a content consultant and feel strongly about creating powerful marketing material which work hard for your business. Words leading to sales, not just waffle.

I set up my own small business in January 2017 and my mission is to support fellow small businesses. I know time is tight and I aim to offer help with writing and editing content for websites, newsletters and blogs, at a reasonable price, in order to alleviate some of the pressure on you.

I have always loved writing and the study of language…I am a self-confessed pedant!

My background

Kate HS Colour Square

I did my undergraduate degree at Cardiff University, focusing not only on grammar and semantics, but also learning about communication more broadly. I then read Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at Oxford University for a Masters degree. This was such an amazing experience! The course really helped me to appreciate the importance of ‘plain English’ to aid the second language learner and to see English from a completely different perspective.

My first publishing job was for Oxford University Press, working for the actual Oxford English Dictionary – it was a dream come true! I could call myself a lexicographer! I have worked for the dictionaries department three times in total and I have loved every second, working in such ‘minute detail’ with words.

My main publishing experience was working for Palgrave Macmillan as a Commissioning Editor for social science textbooks. When I got the job, I simply could not believe that I would be working for an international academic book publisher. I had the most wonderful seven years.

My driving force

I wanted to start my own consultancy because I realised that talking to overworked, stressed, (yet!) committed, passionate small business owners how unfair it is nowadays that not only do you have to run your business (focussing on the products or services you first wanted to offer to the world), but you also have to be a legal expert, a financial guru and a social media manager! If I can take a little bit of that stress away…and help business owners to present the very best of themselves through their content, then I have had a good day!

If you want some support or just chat, please contact me for more information. Email: kate@thecontentconsultancy.com