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15 ways to offer a variety of content

Variety is the spice of life, right? It is so important that if you want your marketing to be interesting to your clients and followers, then you offer them lots of different types of content. Now, I’m not talking about being on every social media platform or trying to do lots of different forms of content marketing all at the same time.

I am talking about ensuring that the purpose of your content have different roles to play.

I am passionate about ensuring that any content marketing material you create has a clear purpose…otherwise, what’s the point of creating it!?! It’s one of my key steps to creating great content – read all about that here.

It is really simple – to ensure you are offering lots of different types of content, it’s a good idea to consider lots of different purposes.

So, I have come up with a list of 15, to help you out…

15 varieties of content marketing

Based on purpose and what you are trying to achieve, here are 15 different varieties of content. These can be applied to social media content (including posts, stories, reels, boards, group discussions, etc etc), blog posts, webpage updates, lead magnets emails and videos. Choose one and off you go…

FYI they are in alphabetical order not by importance or anything!


Your purpose here is to answer questions – literally! Pose those ‘FAQs’ and answer them. What do people need to know? What do ideal clients want to know? What is your ideal client interested to know?

This types of Q&A content can include one question and one answer (with lots of detail, in a blog post, for example) or lots of questions and lots of answers in less detail. Both forms make great blog posts, social media posts…and, perhaps, a new FAQ page on your website (obviously!)


What stops people buying? Barriers! So, it’s time to focus on the purpose of breaking down those barriers and obstacles that are stopping people from buying your products or services. Think about how you can be persuasive and explanatory to convert those ‘on the brink’ in to paying customers


Whilst writing content that sells is important, you also want to add value. It’s a way of nurturing your followers and supporters. Consider ways that you can educate through your content. It may be that you give people an insight in to how your business works. It may be that you want to educate more generally about your profession, passion or area of interest.


We all need a cheerleader in our corner and social media, in particlaur, can be filled with the negative and the depressing! Why not make the purpose of your next piece of content to be encouraging? Help people with a problem. Share a meme that promotes positivity. Be a supporter of another business.


This is one of the most important purposes – do whatever you can to encourage engagement. It can be as simple as being focussed on a clear call to action to get people to interact.. Ask followers for their opinions or to share their thoughts. Get those comments flowing in and see your reach soar.


We all love a good gif or an entertaining story and there is no reason why the purpose of your content can’t be to solely to offer entertainment to those who see and/or read it. The ‘level’ of humour needs to reflect your brand and depending on what you are comfortable with, it doesn’t need to be anything personal. However, it is really nice for you too, to find content that you can offer which will be enjoyed.


This is a purpose that people forget about all too often. It is easy to get wrapped up in offering diverse content. We get tunnel vision focussing on getting comments and likes, thenforget that sometimes we do need to tell everyone the basics. Remind your target audience of what you offer. Even simple information like opening times, location, product/services ranges and contact details!


As a reputable business you want to be trusted and I think focussing on the purpose of inspiration is a good way to do this. Share your credibility and inspire others with your story. … It doesn’t always have to be your own story, however. Do you know someone or something inspiring? Then, tell their story too.


This purpose can be adopted in two ways (so perhaps it should be 16 content varieties, not 15!). The first is thinking about using content to ‘motivate to buy’ – so you are making the customer journey to purchase as simple and easy as possible. The other version is to think of what may be getting your ideal client down and ways to motivate them to act to improve their way of thinking – it shows you care.


Credibility is really important. I know that a lot of people find shouting about their experience and expertise cringe-worthy – but it is not! You should be proud. It is so vital to growing your business that you prove regularly through your content that you are the best person for the job; you are best placed to help your ideal client with their problem or their need….telling them why is a good way to convince them.


Reflection and evaluation are so important in business to ensure you improve as you move forward. Why not share this in your content? It’s a great way to learn from each other when we talk about barriers we have overcome or difficulties we have experienced. It can be such powerful content.


Like inform, this is another one busy business owners can forget to do! It’s almost toooo obvious. You get wrapped up in providing engaging, entertaining and ‘Instgrammable’ content that you forget to actually direct people to buy from you! Make it clear what you sell and how to buy (and for how much!).

Share – others

Supporting others makes you feel good – especially other small and independent business. It is vital at the moment. Consider ways that you can share others’ content. This does not just have to be by hitting ‘share’ on social media, but how about actually creating a social media post about another person or business, or even a blog, which takes someone else’s good content and really highlight its worth to your followers. Don’t forget to tag and link to the original creator!

Share – your own

Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose! There is nothing wrong with sharing content that you have published before. Not every day or too close to the original publication date…but social media posts are seen by such a small percentage that if you reuse something it is likely to reach a fresh audience, as well as any new followers. With blogs post, share insights and updates alongside the original content too.


It will depend on your business but focussing on how you can offer support in your content can be a fantastic way to make content that really resonates with your followers. It may be that you want to support your loyal clients by offering something just for them. You can great guidelines, tips or advisory documents. You could show support for another business or charity that means something to you too.

How to make the most of these varieties

Coming up with a variety of content is important but can also be exhausting and overwhelming! So, in my next blog, I’ll tell you all about how you can put these varieties to good use in a content strategy that will make writing your social media and blog writing a breeze. Don’t miss it…make sure you subscribe today.

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