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5,4,3,2,1…Using Content to Launch

Whether it is a new blog, service, product, package, newsletter, location, opening hours...I could go need to create a powerful content plan to 'launch', whatever is new with your business. I see too many small businesses offering something really new and exciting, but there is no build up - it just suddenly appears on… Continue reading 5,4,3,2,1…Using Content to Launch

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Why is blogging good for business?

10 reasons why... I could have written a lot more than 10...but I've put in the ones I think are most important and will resonate with small business owners. Blogging is time consuming and it is a commitment, but really had a lot of advantages and can be a keystone of your digital marketing strategy...and… Continue reading Why is blogging good for business?

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Summer Sort Out of your LinkedIn Profile

I have been dealing a lot with LinkedIn recently, helping people with their introductions/summary paragraphs and also creating a new company page for The Business Skills Consultancy. I also need to update my own LinkedIn page. It seems like LinkedIn is really evolving this summer. They are finally rolling out 'LinkedIn Live' for everyone and,… Continue reading Summer Sort Out of your LinkedIn Profile


What makes a good website? 8 things to think about

If you don't have a website or are thinking about having your own redesigned, what do you need to consider? It is really important to do some research before you decide what you want and need. It's a bit like decorating a room - you need to do get some inspiration, look around at ideas,… Continue reading What makes a good website? 8 things to think about

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5 Fabulous Rhetorical Devices

I mentioned in one of my Facebook Lives a few weeka ago that using a ‘tricolon’ is a great ‘rhetorical device’. After a couple of question about what this meant and also some positive feedback on the power of devices like this, I thought I would discuss some other great rhetorical device to help give… Continue reading 5 Fabulous Rhetorical Devices

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3 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

It breaks my heart when I hear about the amount of people that are blogging but I don't know anything about it. I speak to small business owners and I hear about how they have been blogging for months, but even though I follow their social media accounts and subscribe to their email marketing...I still… Continue reading 3 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

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What makes me happy? 6 things to be grateful for in business

It was the International Day of Happiness yesterday...whatever that really means!!! However, it got a lot of people talking about what makes them happy and what they are grateful for. It got me thinking about things that make me happy and, particularly, what makes my life that little bit easier in business. For a variety… Continue reading What makes me happy? 6 things to be grateful for in business

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100th blog post – why good copy still makes good business sense

I can't quite believe it but yes this is my 100th blog post?! I started blogging two years ago and absolutely love it. I find it fantastic for reflection, great for deepening my knowledge and, some days, it can be very cathartic. I wrote a couple of introductory posts and then my first 'proper' post… Continue reading 100th blog post – why good copy still makes good business sense

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Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Oh wow…I have really missed blogging! I have been doing lots of other bits and pieces behind the scenes…including setting up a You Tube channel (...eek! will let you know when all is ready to be seen!)..but I have really missed my regular writing! However, I am back and raring to go for 2019. I… Continue reading Content Marketing Trends for 2019