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15 ways to offer a variety of content

Variety is the spice of life, right? It is so important that if you want your marketing to be interesting to your clients and followers, then you offer them lots of different types of content. Now, I'm not talking about being on every social media platform or trying to do lots of different forms of… Continue reading 15 ways to offer a variety of content

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Crisis communication – do THIS

I've be reading some incredibly interesting material on communicating in a crisis and how to be handle adverse situations when it comes to leadership, businesses, clients and communities. At the moment, it can seem impossible to communicate clearly and appropriately. Everyone feels they are simply trying to catch up and with daily government announcements; guidance… Continue reading Crisis communication – do THIS

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Creating Content with your Kids

If you have children at home with you, you may feel you have hardly any time to create content, whether it is a blog post or just a few social media posts. Have you considered getting them involved with helping you to create content? If you have teenagers in the house then you have a… Continue reading Creating Content with your Kids

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Take a step back from your content

I'm all about content. I love creating content. I love coming up with new ideas. I love the consistency you need to apply. However, sometimes, it is really important to take a step back and truly assess your output. I have written this short blog post to remind you to take time out and to… Continue reading Take a step back from your content

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Hurdles to blogging #16 – Blogging means giving away too much for free

It is a common concern that small business owners think that when writing a blog, telling people about their work or products and, especially, services, they will risk sales. They worry that people will not need to buy from them, that they will give too much away for free or worse that competitors will copy… Continue reading Hurdles to blogging #16 – Blogging means giving away too much for free

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5,4,3,2,1…Using Content to Launch

Whether it is a new blog, service, product, package, newsletter, location, opening hours...I could go need to create a powerful content plan to 'launch', whatever is new with your business. I see too many small businesses offering something really new and exciting, but there is no build up - it just suddenly appears on… Continue reading 5,4,3,2,1…Using Content to Launch


5 Website Quick Wins

When was the last time you updated your website? ...showed it some love? (#ValentinesDay tomorrow!) It might look pretty, but if it is just sat there gathering the proverbial dust, it is no better than a print leaflet. I know that doing a complete website re-design is difficult and time-consuming (although definitely worth it when… Continue reading 5 Website Quick Wins

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How competitor research will make your content better

So often I hear that people think competitor research is about ‘spying’ and ‘stealing ideas’ but it really isn’t. It is about research, analysis and then developing your own ideas. Copying someone else never works as you’ll only ever be second best (at best!) to the original. Competitor research is a fundamental part of running… Continue reading How competitor research will make your content better

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Why is blogging good for business?

10 reasons why... I could have written a lot more than 10...but I've put in the ones I think are most important and will resonate with small business owners. Blogging is time consuming and it is a commitment, but really had a lot of advantages and can be a keystone of your digital marketing strategy...and… Continue reading Why is blogging good for business?

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8 apps that help my small business …and keep me sane!

I have been thinking a lot about how to use my time efficiently this year as a blogger and as a small business and so I have been considering what makes my life easier...and I couldn't help but focus on my phone! So, I thought I would share with you eight apps that have made… Continue reading 8 apps that help my small business …and keep me sane!