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Too busy to do marketing

A lovely client asked me why I bother advertising when I am so busy. She is also a sole trader and is really busy with plenty of clients. She keeps telling me that she doesn't have the time and, importantly, the inclination to create social media posts when she is: a) busy, b) doesn't need… Continue reading Too busy to do marketing

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Feeding a thirst for information

I recently spent five days in Disneyland Paris and whilst it was brilliant in many, many ways, there was one element that resonated with me - visitors' thirst for content. Specifically, they wanted information...far more information than was available. And not only more information but the same information repeated. They wanted clear guidance. And even… Continue reading Feeding a thirst for information

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Say it loud and proud

I find the hardest thing to convey when discussing content is how important it is to say the most obvious things about your business and tell people why you are saying it. People forget that it is the basic details which are necessary to say loud and clear...and again and again! I am here to… Continue reading Say it loud and proud

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Top tips when writing for business

I have been asked a lot of questions recently about 'good writing' and 'professional writing', as well as how to give people the confidence to write and share their ideas. If you own a business or even just feel like you have something important to say, there is no need to hold back. However, there… Continue reading Top tips when writing for business