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One of the most exciting services I offer is helping small businesses with their blog. I have learnt so much over the last six months. Blogging is a very interesting form of marketing and business promotion. People do it for so many different reasons and there are so many people offering tips and advice…even I find it quite overwhelming some times!

Like my support with newsletters and websites, I can offer a variety of services and a variable level of ‘involvement’ with writing a blog. Let me explain a bit more.

Blog training

I really love the training element of my job…it involves meeting people and talking! I offer a ‘Blog Starter Package’ that trains complete beginners in how to write a blog. Primarily, I focus on the style of writing most appropriate for your business. I can introduce you to the basics of blogging and offer a step-by-step guide, including tips on scheduling, topics, length, frameworks and proof-reading. We spend around an hour training and then try to get started on an initial blog. I am happy to help with editing and proofreading the blog after the training…to get you off to a great start. Packages start from just £50.

Blog editing

I know a lot of people enjoy writing and are keen to blog about their business – a topic they are often passionate about…and have lots to say about! However, they struggle to get what they want to say in an accessible way. Perhaps someone just wants the added confidence of knowing that someone else has taken a look at their blog post before sending it out into the world. This is where I can help. I am very happy to edit whatever you have written, make suggestions for additions and help with the framework or ordering of the text, if necessary. I can take a look and consider SEO (search engine optimisation) opportunities too.

Blog writing

Writing blog posts is another very enjoyable part of my job. I love writing my own weekly blog, so helping small business owners with theirs is also lot of fun. There is something very special about being asked to be a ‘ghostwriter’ and write on someone else’s behalf. I take it very seriously and I am very honoured when asked. I quite like being a bit out of my comfort zone too! Having to write about a topic I may know little about, researching an area I am new too and trying to adopt a style that suits my client and their ‘voice’ really stretches me.

Currently, I have two different methods for gathering the basic content of a client’s blog post and hence knowing what to write about. The first is through ‘face-to-face’ meetings. We can have an initial meeting to discuss topics and style and regularity of the blog. Then, meet regularly to discuss the upcoming topic(s). This is a great way for me to work, as for clients who are not confident about writing, but know exactly what they want to say, they can ‘talk at me’ and tell me what they want to write about. In the meeting, the clients give me lots of information to pack in to the post, whether it is in a coherent order or not, and I can ask questions there and then. It’s a lovely collaborative way of working. I make notes and then write up what we have discussed in to a blog post.

The second method involves using a template which the client can fill in. This works well if the client has lots of topic ideas (and perhaps lots of notes) but has simply not got around to creating ‘full written posts. I ask for bullet points and key information and then write this up into a flowing narrative. I will ask questions or ask for more detail when necessary.

In both cases, I invite my clients to carefully read through the blog post I write up and welcome any queries, comments, suggestions for changes or additions to be made. The client themselves then publishes the blog post when they wish.


Blogging to me is all about collaboration. It’s about an opportunity to share your passion, knowledge and expertise…firstly, with me and then with your customers, followers and potential new clients, in a clear accessible way. I’d be honoured if you let me help you to do that.


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